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Aluminum Siding can be restored to Look New Again

Has your Aluminum Siding Lost Its Luster?

Is your Siding Dull and Faded?

Don't Paint Aluminum Siding - It can actually ruin the original baked-on finish. Painting metal siding can have lots of problems. Paint is messy, Paint that is not baked on can crack, chip, bubble and peel on your siding.

Originally, the paint on your metal siding was baked on in the factory. Metal siding expands and contracts with the weather causing paint that is not baked-on to crack and lose adhesion. Then you have a problem with peeling paint. Moisture can also cause paint to peel. Many additives that used to make paint better (like lead) have been removed for environmental reasons.

Peeling Paint

Is your metal siding chalking? Have you ever been embarrassed when you or your guests brushed up against your siding only to have chalky oxidation on your clothes? Chalky, metal siding is harder to keep clean, dust and dirt will stick on the chalk and is difficult to wash off, taking away from the appearance of your home.

Do you live near the ocean? Living by the ocean is wonderful, walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets and other special reasons why you love the ocean. Unfortunately, salt air causes ugly corrosion, rust and pitting on metal siding. You can stop the corrosion, and make your property more valuable. Paint will not stop salt corrosion on metal siding.

Are you selling your home and need to improve the curb appeal?Your realtor will tell you that curb appeal is the most important thing that attracts buyers. If your siding looks new, it will greatly improve the curb appeal, allowing you to sell your home faster and get the price you want.

If you don't do anything, the paint on your siding can go down to the bare metal and then it will be too late. You won't have a choice. Click here to see siding that is too far gone and must be painted.

So, Painting metal siding is not a good idea, then what is the answer? EVERBRITE is a tough, durable Clear Protective Coating that will restore the color and finish of your metal siding to look new again and will seal and protect it from corrosion and oxidation. Your siding will be so easy to maintain and will resist dirt and dust. You will be so proud of your "new" siding. Click Here for More Information including Testimonials and Pictures.

What Do I need to Restore my Siding?

Everbrite Trial Kit

Everbrite Starter Kit with Brush Clean & Restore about 25-30 SF.

Everbrite Starter Kit

Clean & Restore about 150 SF.

Everbrite Gallon Kit

More options Clean & Restore about 1000 SF.

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