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Stucco or Mortar can stain and ruin the finish of Aluminum.
Aluminum Window frames can be restored with Everbrite.

Anodized aluminum can be ruined and stained by stucco, mortar, cement or acid based cleaners. The actual finish can be removed making light colored stains where the finish is missing.

Restore the color and luster of the Anodized Aluminum by replacing the missing topcoat with Everbrite Clear Protective Coating.

Aluminum Spotted
Aluminum Stained

First, test the aluminum by cleaning a section and observing when it is clean and wet. The water will replicate the topcoat and if the stains disappear, then when Everbrite replaces the topcoat, your problem is solved.

If the stains do not disappear when the aluminum is clean and wet, then further cleaning is necessary. Clean the aluminum until the look is satisfactory when still wet. If the aluminum cannot be cleaned to look good when still wet, then Everbrite will probably not be able to help you.

After cleaning the aluminum, apply Everbrite to restore the finish and protection of aluminum.

Aluminum after Everbrite
Aluminum after Everbrite

Even new anodized aluminum can be ruined by pitting or staining by stucco or mortar which ruins the protective finish. Acids can also damage the topcoat of the anodized aluminum, causing stains and damage.

Everbrite has restored and protected these aluminum window frames saving the contractor thousands of dollars.

Anodized aluminum extrusions come in clear anodized aluminum which has the look of bare aluminum. Anodized aluminum also comes in colors like bronze and also in brightly colored aluminum.

When the finish is removed by harsh chemicals, stucco or mortar, the aluminum can have white stains which ruin the look of the anodized aluminum. There are also many colors of anodized aluminum which fade, chalk and look dull. Everbrite will restore the color and luster and will rejuvenate the anodized aluminum to look great again.

Everbrite will also restore the color and luster of colored anodized aluminum as well.


  1. Clean the aluminum. The amount of cleaning will depend on the condition of the anodized aluminum. If the window frames or extruded anodized aluminum is just dull or faded, it can be washed with our Concentrated Cleaner or mild soap and water. Microfiber cloths are not expensive and will clean the metal very effectively. If the anodized aluminum is pitted or stained, you might need a no-scratch cleanser like BonAmi (available at hardware or grocery stores) or Prep Pads included in the kits. (Do NOT use regular steel wool, small pieces can remain on the window frame and will rust). Rinse thoroughly, use a cloth or brush if necessary. Let dry. If any oxidation remains, wipe with clean cloth or microfiber cloth.
  2. Wipe down the anodized aluminum with a clean solvent like denatured alcohol (not isopropyl alcohol - it leaves a film) or xylene (a cleaning solvent available at hardware stores). This will remove any cleaning residue, fingerprints and will make sure that the aluminum is clean. Make sure to wear personal protection - nitrile or neoprene gloves and protective eyewear is recommended.
  3. Apply Everbrite Protective Coating. Everbrite can be applied with a natural bristled paint brush or with a paint applicator or rolled on with a microfiber roller. Two coats are recommended for most applications.

Everbrite will restore the color and luster of the anodized aluminum and will protect the metal from sun fading, oxidation, salt air corrosion, acid rain and other damaging elements.

Try the Everbrite Restoration Process on your anodized aluminum window frames, storefront, anodized aluminum extrusions or curtain-wall. You will be amazed at the restoration.

What Do I need to restore my Window Frames?

If your windows are not damaged but just faded, click here

You can first test your window frames to see if the aluminum can be restored. Clean an area with soap and water with a sponge or scrub pad. Observe the aluminum while it is clean and still wet. If the color and luster return, then your aluminum can be restored to look great again.

A small Everbrite Restoration Kit will restore about 25 Square Feet of Aluminum.

An Everbrite Trial Kit will restore about 25 square feet of aluminum. Includes cleaners, pads, applicator and 4 oz. of Everbrite Protective Coating to restore and protect your aluminum.

An Everbrite Starter Kit will restore about 125 Square Feet of Aluminum.

An Everbrite Pint Restoration Kit will restore about 125 square feet. Includes cleaners, pads, Sureline Applicator and a Pint of Everbrite to restore and protect your aluminum.

An Everbrite Quart Kit will restore about 250 Square Feet of Aluminum.

An Everbrite Quart Kit will restore about 250 square feet. Includes cleaners, pads, microfiber towels, 2 Applicators and a Quart of Everbrite to restore and protect your aluminum.

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