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How To Keep Your Copper Gutters, Downspouts or Copper Flashing Looking New

Restore Tarnished Brown Gutters to Look New Again!

Keep your beautiful copper gutters looking new

If you like the way your copper gutters or copper flashing give your home warm accents, you can keep your copper gutters looking beautiful. If not protected, the copper will weather and turn brown very quickly and the distinctive copper look is lost. It takes many years for copper to turn green and many people think brown copper just looks like painted metal.

Custom Fish Downspout protected from tarnish with Everbrite.

Copper gutters are more expensive but add a warm, beautiful accent to your home. You love the warm glow of the metal. But, how do you keep the copper and brass from tarnishing or weathering? Everbrite Protective Coating is a clear, easy to apply, protective coating that will keep your copper gutters looking new and will prevent tarnish and weathering.

Everbrite has U.V. blockers and anti-oxidants which will protect your copper gutters from tarnishing. Everbrite is not a lacquer that will discolor when exposed to sunlight but will stay crystal clear and will not detract from the beautiful glow of the copper.

EVERBRITE is easy to apply. Brush on, roll on or spray on with a paint sprayer on cleaned, neutralized copper and let dry. That's it.
Enjoy the Beauty.

This custom copper gutter enhances the curb appeal of the house.
Just beautiful and it will stay that way.

Closeup of Custom Fish Downspout protected from tarnish with Everbrite.

If you have exterior copper that you want to stay copper and not turn brown, then apply Everbrite to protect your copper gutters and downspouts.

Tarnished Copper Gutter partially cleaned with Copper Cleaning Gel

Are your Gutters already brown and old? You can use HD Copper Cleaning Gel to remove the tarnish. Paint it on, it clings to vertical surfaces and cleans copper. Won't harm plants. After the Gel "melts" the tarnish, scrub off, then neutralize.

This copper gutter has been partially cleaned by painting on the Copper Cleaning Gel and washing it off. This gutter will still need some additional cleanup and if coated with Everbrite, it will stay copper.

Closeup of tarnished copper gutter cleaned with Copper Cleaning Gel.

Thanks to Sean Stiles for the pictures and the following email: "Your copper cleaning gel is fantastic! HD copper cleaner worked like a charm! Attached is your product on copper gutters (test on customers gutters--now he wants the job done) -I put hardly any on and rubbed it some - but for the work I put in the product does it all.
Aloha," ~Sean S Stiles - Brightway Window Cleaning.

Are your gutters already tarnished? Old, tarnished copper gutters will need cleaning first to remove the tarnish. Everbrite HD Copper Cleaning Gel can be painted onto the tarnished copper and allowed to work. The Gel is a mild acid that stays where it is applied. If it dries, it can be refreshed with water on a brush. Some scrubbing or polishing may still be necessary but the Gel will remove Available in 2 sizes. Also available in Kits.

Everbrite will seal and protect copper roofs, weathervanes, garden art, copper deck accents, copper in the kitchen and more.

Do you have painted gutters that are faded? Wash them and Everbrite will restore the color and luster of dull, faded painted gutters to look new again.

Everbrite HD Copper Cleaning GEL. Paint on GEL for large copper areas. Paint it on, scrub clean, rinse off with water. Environmentally friendly. Will not harm plants.Check out how it works with step-by-step directions and pictures.

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What Do I need to Restore or Protect my Copper Gutters?

New Gutters?

Everbrite Coating Only for New Copper For new copper gutters, solvent wipe and apply 2 coats of Everbrite Clear Coating.

Tarnished Copper Gutters?

Everbrite Kit 16 oz with Gel For tarnished copper, use Everbrite Kits with HD Copper Cleaning Gel.

Alternative to HD Gel Cleaning.

Copper can be cleaned mechanically, sanding the copper to remove tarnish. Then solvent wipe & apply Everbrite.

New Copper Gutters?

What Do I Need to Protect my Copper Gutters?

Everbrite Only Just wipe with a solvent & apply 2 coats of Everbrite.

Old or Tarnished Gutters?
Everbrite Kits with Heavy Duty Copper Cleaning Gel. Paint on the Gel to clean the copper, neutralize and apply Everbrite.

Copper Clean & Seal Kit - Small
Copper Clean & Seal Kit - Small
This Kit Includes Heavy Duty Copper Cleaning Gel, EZ-Prep Neutralizer and Everbrite Protective Coating to clean and seal about 25 sq. ft.

Need a Larger Kit?

Copper Clean & Seal Kit - MediumThis Kit Includes four times as much Heavy Duty Copper Cleaning Gel and Everbrite than the smaller kit. Also includes EZ-Prep Neutralizer. Clean and seal about 125 square feet of copper.

Customer Rave Reviews

Thanks, the product worked great we cleaned all the new downspouts and sprayed them with Everbrite, and then cleaned all the old awnings and put Everbrite over the top. Our client was very impressed and very happy. Thanks a lot. In the future we will be ordering from Everbrite."
Alanna Kazmer AK Design LLC

Your copper cleaning gel is fantastic! HD copper cleaner worked like a charm! Attached is your product on copper gutters (test on customers gutters--now he wants the job done) -I put hardly any on and rubbed it some - but for the work I put in the product does it all.
Aloha," Sean S Stiles - Brightway Window Cleaning

I have used the Everbrite and it looks great! We added an additional gutter to a portion of our house to catch excess rain drainage where our existing system wasn't quite enough. It has turned out to be quite the little work of art. So nice, in fact, that a neighbor ordered some Everbrite also so he could do same to his place. Thanks for the great product and excellent service!!"
Dave Vick

I experimented on a small piece of our copper rain gutter and one of our kitchen drawers. The results for both were as expected and look great! We have all doors and drawers in both kitchen and bath clad in copper."

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