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How to Protect Metal from Corrosion in a Marine Environment

Polished pontoons coated with ProtectaClear

How to STOP Salt Corrosion on the Metal on Your Beautiful Boat.

You can easily keep the Beautiful Metal on Your Boat from Corroding.

Protect the Investment of Your Yacht. Stop Corrosion.

Easily keep the metal on your Yacht looking GREAT.

Protect Your Expensive Tuna Tower from Corrosion.

Stop polishing the Brass on Your Boat.

Watch a Video from a Customer who refinished his mast with ProtectaClear. It transforms from a nasty piece of metal to a beautiful and graceful mast gliding across the bay.

Video of the Application process for ProtectaClear to protect stainless steel or other metals.

Metal on boats, especially in a salt environment, will corrode and tarnish. You can protect the metal on your boat, ship or yacht to keep it looking great for years with ProtectaClear.

Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Chrome and Brass can all be restored and protected from corrosion, tea-staining, tarnish and rust. Keep your railings, tuna towers, trim, masts and other metal looking great without constant maintenance.

ProtectaClear is a one part, clear, tough, durable protective coating that will protect metal from salt water, salt air, corrosion, rust, tarnish and more.

  • Easy to apply - spray on, roll on with microfiber roller, or natural bristled paint brush. The metal must be clean and dry first. 
  • User Friendly - One Part, no mixing, no waste. Self Leveling.
  • Natural Looking - Won't detract from the beautiful metal.
  • Easy to maintain.

" I just applied your product to our tuna tower on the boat and the results are unbelievable! This aluminum has some age on it and it brought it back to new condition after I cleaned it all and then applied your product. I am more than satisfied and have been telling everyone around the marina about it!  Thanks again! "  Nick Muoio

Pontoon boat in shop, coated with ProtectaClear.

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