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Did you know that using water in inside storage hallways is dangerous? There is An Easy Solution to a Serious Problem.

Boxes right behind the door can get wet if not careful with washing.Most inside self storage units are not waterproof. Water can leak under the walls or doors and damage your customer's goods. If you were to accidentally spill a pail of water in the hallway, you may have some very unhappy customers. Imagine the cardboard boxes on the floor and the contents getting wet and soggy.


Dust and grimy fingerprints can make your inside doors look dull and dirty. One-Step Waterless Cleaner will clean, shine and protect all in One Step! Just spray it on and wipe it off. The metal does not have to be pre-cleaned. Just spray on One-Step and wipe off dirt and grime while leaving a beautiful shine that repels dirt.

One-Step Waterless Wash and Wax is a cleaner and wax in one - requires no pre-washing. NO WATER! Spray over dirt & grime. A combination of lubricants, cleaning agents and wax will lift the dirt and grime away from the surface without harming the finish. NO SCRATCHING!

    • EASY TO USE - Spray On - Wipe off Dirt and Grime while you Wipe On Shine and Protection.
    • EASY TO MAINTAIN - Surfaces will repel dust and grime and will be much easier to keep clean.
    • ONE-STEP Cleaning and Protection - For Interior Doors, Hallway Systems, Elevators, Lockers, Fiberglass, Gelcoat and more.
    • WATERLESS - No Messy Water in Hallways or Other Areas where water is a problem.
    • Shine your Golf Cart. Remove marks & even graffitti with One-Step.
    • REMOVES: Dirt, Grime, Dust, Fingerprints LEAVES: A clean, shiny surface that repels dust and dirt
    • Available in 2 Formulations.  Higher Shine and Deeper Cleaning

You can either clean the entire door or just use One-Step to clean up grimy handprints and marks.


Pre-wash is not necessary but you may prewash if desired.

  1. Shake can vigorously before each use.
  2. Spray a light coat of Everbrite Waterless Wash and Wax on a small section (2 to 3 sq. ft. area). To remove heavier dirt or oxidation, spray on a heavier coat and let stand for one minute.
  3. Using a terry cloth or microfiber towel, rub surface removing dirt and grime.
  4. Using clean cloth, buff to a showroom shine.

Everbrite One-Step Waterless Wash and Wax can be used to clean and wax any non-porous surface: Paint, Fiberglass, Smooth Plastics, Metal, etc.

QUESTIONS?  Check out the FAQ's for the Storage Industry.

Do you have faded or chalky exterior doors?  Restore the color and luster to look new again.  

Need to clean your exterior doors? Here is the Best Way

Just have some faded splotches on your doors? 

 Everbrite One-Step Waterless Cleaner -Available in 2 formulations: Higher Shine & Deeper Cleaning.  

Higher Shine One-Step has even more high quality carnuba wax for a higher shine. Click to Order.

Deeper Clean One-Step  also contains ammonia for cleaning greasy handprints or greasy dirt when your doors are near freeways or railroad tracks or for more heavy duty cleaning.Click to Order

Need to Clean your  Exterior Doors?  Step by Step directions.

Have Light Colored splotches on your  exterior doors? What are they and how to fix them.   

What Everbrite Customers Say.....

Unfortunately, when I built my storage facility in 1988 hallway system that are easily found today such as, DBCI, Janus and others were not available. We made due with R-panel to fill in between the swing doors for the 5x10 units. Little did I realize the the maintenance that would be required with the horizontal ribbing because of the dust that accumulates. I does sound like much, but over time it builds up especially in non-climate controlled building like mine. It has probably been two years since we the hallways got a serious dusting. I picked up a can of the Everbrite One-Step aerosol can just to see how it would do. I was pleasantly surprised how much easier it made the dusting go. We ordered a case to we could finish all the building. 
Douglas W. Hunt
Access Self Storage & Truck Rental

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