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STOP Corrosion and Staining of Pool Metal

Unfortunately, Stainless Steel is NOT Stain "free". It does need protection to prevent "tea staining" and rust.

Protect your Stainless Steel Gutters, Starting Blocks, Railings and Bulkhead from corrosion. Corroded Stainless can be restored and protected from further rust. Make your Stainless Steel easy to keep clean, Stop Corrosion and Rust, Prevent fingerprints and smudges too.

Swimming pools can be a breeding ground for corrosion. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to totally remove chloramines (combined chlorine), which forms as a result of the ammonia and urea from swimmers bodies combining with the chlorine residual in the water. Chloramines will off gas from the pool surface and can adhere to metal surfaces around the pool and on the ceiling; they have an almost zero pH which makes them highly corrosive. The need for on-going use of pool chemicals also can cause corrosion of metal around pools, in the mechanical room where off-gassing of chlorine and Muriatic Acid can cause damage to all metals. Salts, chlorines and other chemicals will corrode metal, even stainless steel, that is not protected.

Stainless Steel not protected Stainless Steel protected with Everbrite

The Stainless Steel in both pictures above was cleaned at the same time in June, 2007. The stainless steel on the left was left unprotected and the stainless on the right was protected with ProtectaClear. This stainless steel is in the Natatorium in Mansfield, TX and is less than a year old. The chemicals are taking their toll on the unprotected stainless steel but the stainless steel rails protected with ProtectaClear looks new.

The Mansfield Natatorium is now protecting all the stainless steel railings, bulkheads, starting blocks and other metal from the corrosion from the pool chemicals. Instead of 15-20 hours per week of cleaning off rust by the maintenance department, all that is needed now is to fresh water rinse the bulkheads and the lifeguards wipe down the railings with a spray cleaner

"The stainless steel ladders, starting platforms, diving rails, movable bulkheads started show signs of surface rust due to chemicals in the air and lack of ventilation or fresh air. The maintenance department was spending 15 to 20 hours a week cleaning stainless only for the surface rust to be back within a week. I thought there must be a better way to keep rust from returning.  I got a small amount of ProtectaClear and coated a few ladders on both ends of the pool. After three months still no surface rust to the ladders. After six months ladders still looking like new. The ISD purchased 5 gallons of ProtectaClear  in Dec.07. In January, 2008, I  started to coat on all stainless steel items: 24 starting blocks, 8 ladders,16 flag poles, 1 meter and 3 meter diving rails, 2 bulkheads and 1 handi-cap lift. It has been well over a year since I coated the stainless steel with ProtectaClear and all the stainless is looking good. This was a good investment for the Mansfield I S D Natatorium." James Strauser AFO.Mansfield, TX

It is a misconception that stainless steel is stainless. The term "stainless" implies a resistance to staining, rusting and pitting. Stainless steel generally has a higher resistance to the effects of exposure but will still be affected by the elements. ProtectaClear is a clear protective coating that is highly resistant to salts and chlorines and will protect stainless steel and other metals in an aquatic environment from tea-staining, rust and corrosion.ProtectaClear keep your stainless steel or other metal in an aquatic environment looking new, even around corrosive agents like salts, pool chemicals and chlorines. ProtectaClear is applied by simply wiping it onto the clean stainless steel with a clear coat applicator. ProtectarClear keeps the stainless looking very natural looking and does not look or feel like a thick plastic coating.


Quickstart Directions for ProtectaClear® for Stainless Steel or other Metals in an Aquatic Environment.

NOTE The 5 Basic Steps

1. Clean Corrosion if necessary 2. Neutralize 3. Rinse 4. Solvent wipe 5. Apply Coating



  1. Apply Stainless Steel Cleaner with brush and agitate on surface. Agitate with the grain to agitate the rust in the grooves of the stainless steel. Allow to dwell for up to 60 minutes, checking after 20 minutes to see if the rust is removed. If not, allow to dwell another 20 minutes & check again. Use the enclosed scrub pad with the direction of the grain of the metal. Once the rust is removed, rinse off with plain water.
  2. Neutralize. Stainless Cleaner is acid based. The surface must be neutralized. Use EZ Prep™ Cleaner & Neutralizer mixed 1:4 with water. Wash the metal with the neutralizing solution.
  3. Rinse with fresh water. Dry with clean cloth to prevent spotting.
  4. Solvent wipe the metal with xylene or denatured alcohol (Not included - available at most hardware stores) to remove all traces of fingerprints, polish, any residual wax or buffing compounds.
  5. Warm the metal surface. If necessary use a hair dryer

NEW METAL– Solvent-wipe with xylene or denatured alcohol and apply coating.


Personal Protection: Use Nitrile or chemical protective gloves to protect your hands. (Rubber gloves will get sticky due to solvent in the coating. Use eye protection. If spraying any coating, a NIOSH respirator is recommended, **Apply the coating on a completely dry surface. Warming the metal with heat gun or hair dryer will also insure a dry surface.

  1. Pour the ProtectaClear® into clean, dry, metal or glass pan. DO NOT DILUTE COATING. (Do not use plastic as the solvent can melt plastic.)
  2. For application use a Clearcoat applicator, sponge brush, lint free cloth or solvent rated or natural bristled brush.
  3. Dip applicator completely into the ProtectaClear®. This is important so there are no dry areas in the applicator which can cause streaks. Squeeze out just the excess. Applicator should be saturated but not dripping.
  4. Apply the Coating to the surface letting the applicator glide across the surface. Do NOT to press hard. Applicator should glide smoothly, when it starts sticking, dip the applicator again. If you get drips, simply wipe them out with your applicator. ***Observe the coating. If there is fisheye or the coating separates, STOP and re-clean the surface.
    Let the coating dry. It will self level if left alone. If you see an area you missed, let it dry and then coat over the missed area. Two coats are recommended for most surfaces. If applying multiple coats, wait at least one hour between coats. Before allowing water to sit on the coated surface, please make sure that the coating is cured.
    Different formulations cure at different rates. If your coating was sent by air, it will cure more slowly than the coatings sent by ground. Shorten cure time by gently heating the dried coating with a hair dryer or putting in a low temperature oven – 180°F. or less. The coatings are delicate for the first few days if not heat cured. Under normal circumstances & with good ventilation, the coating will be cured after 5 days.

NOTE: The success of the process is entirely dependent on following these instructions carefully !!

AFTER CARE: Do NOT use solvent based cleaners to clean coated metal. Do not use cleaners with “petroleum distillates” or alcohols. ProtectaClear® can be removed with xylene. *Please read and follow all directions and cautions on packaging and Material Safety Data Sheet.

ProtectaClear is a clear, protective coating that will protect stainless steel from rust, corrosion, tea-staining, fingerprints and smudges. Excellent adhesion to stainless steel and superior protection too. ProtectaClear Coating - available in various sizes.

ProtectaClear available in various size cans

If the stainless steel is already rusty, stained or tea-stained, the stainless steel will need to be cleaned first. We have kits available with cleaners, neutralizer & ProtectaClear.

We have Kits available in various sizes. We are happy to help figure out what you need for your project. Call us at 916-852-0200 or Toll-Free at 800-304-0566, fill in the form below or we have Live Chat available.

What Do I need to Restore and Protect my Stainless Steel?

ProtectaClear Coating Only

Order ProtectaClear in Various Sizes. Also available in Aerosols ProtectaClear Coating Only for new or cleaned Stainless Steel.

ProtectaClear Kits

Order ProtectaClear with Stainless steel cleaners ProtectaClear Kits to remove rust and tea-staining.

More options

ProtectaClear Kits with Polish ProtectaClear Kits with Polish

What Do I need to protect my Pool Metal?

If the stainless steel around your pool is not rusted, you can just purchase ProtectaClear. If it is dirty, rusty or tea stained, you want a kit with ProtectaClear, ERW-XL Rust Remover and EZPrep Neutralizer.

ProtectaClear available in various size cans

ProtectaClear is a clear, protective coating that will protect stainless steel from rust, corrosion, tea-staining, fingerprints and smudges. Excellent adhesion to stainless steel and superior protection too. ProtectaClear Coating - available in various sizes.

ProtectaClear Kit with Stainless Steel Rust Remover & Neutralizer

If the stainless steel is already rusty, stained or tea-stained, the stainless steel will need to be cleaned first. We have kits available with cleaners, neutralizer & Protectaclear.

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