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Do you have a New Outdoor Kitchen or a New Stainless Steel Outdoor Grill?
Do you want to keep it looking NEW?

Protect your New Stainless Steel Barbeque from fingerprints, smudges, rust and corrosion. ProtectaClear is tough and durable, clear and practically invisible coating that will keep your stainless looking great. See just how easy it is -

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It is a misconception that stainless steel is stainless. Stainless steel will degrade like all other architectural metals. The term "stainless" implies a resistance to staining, rusting and pitting. Stainless steel generally has a higher resistance to the effects of exposure but will still be affected by the elements.

Stainless steel is susceptible to fingerprints and smudges. Stainless steel can also corrode from salt air oxidation, road salt and other damaging elements.

ProtectaClear is an easy to apply, tough clear protective coating that will protect stainless steel from corrosion, salt air pitting and provides excellent fingerprint and smudge prevention. Stainless steel surfaces protected with ProtectaClear will be much easier to keep clean and will never darken as it will with oily protectants.

USE ON restaurant equipment, stainless steel refrigerators, sinks and much more. ProtectaClear is food safe once it is cured and will help kitchen equipment, backsplashes and more easier to keep clean. Prevents corrosion from salt air, salt water and salt fog.

How to Apply ProtectaClear to Stainless Steel.

Clean the stainless steel. Wipe the surface with a solvent to make sure that it is completely clean. Xylene or Denatured Alcohol can be purchased at most paint or hardware stores. The solvent cleaner for the final wipe is not included - it cannot be shipped by US mail or UPS. Do not use lacquer thinner because it sometimes has oil in it. The goal is to remove oil, grease, fingerprints and other dirtying agents.

If the stainless steel is already corroded or rusty, we have a ProtectaClear kit with a rust remover, neutralizer and ProtectaClear. Wash off the residue with EZ Prep Cleaner, solvent wipe to remove residue and fingerprints and then ProtectaClear can be wiped on with a clear-coat applicator or a foam brush or sprayed on with paint sprayers.

If the stainless steel is new, simply wipe with solvent and apply ProtectaClear. Two Coats are recommended.

What Do I need to clean and protect my
Stainless Steel Grill?

New Grill?

ProtectaClear Coating Choose from various sizes of ProtectaClear

Rusty Stainless Steel

Order ProtectaClear with Stainless steel cleaners ProtectaClear Kits to remove rust and tea-staining.

More options

ProtectaClear Kits with Polish ProtectaClear Kits with Polish

What Do I need to Restore and Protect my Stainless Steel?

New Barbeque? A Pint of ProtectaClear will seal and protect about 125 square feet. Just wipe with solvent (not included) and apply ProtectaClear.

Older Barbeque? Need to Polish your BBQ? A Polish & Protect Kit includes MAAS Polish, a Microfiber Polishing Towel and a Pint of ProtectaClear.

Rusty Stainless Grill?
A Stainless Restoration Kit has rust remover, neutralizer and ProtectaClear Coating.

All kits include an applicator, nitrile gloves and complete instructions.

Questions? We are happy to help.