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Even though your doors are fairly new, do you see light colored paint splotches on your doors?

What causes these? What can you do to fix them?

The paint on your storage doors is baked on paint and will last for years without fading. When your doors were installed, matching touch-up paint is used to touch up any scratches or blemishes.

Paint that is not baked on will fade more quickly, causing light colored splotches on your doors.

Since the paint matched to begin with, Everbrite will restore the splotches back to the original color and luster - making your doors match again.

To fix splotchy doors, clean the entire door. You can coat the splotchy areas with Everbrite Protective Coating.

If you want to test your splotchy doors, clean the area with mild soap and water, rinse well with fresh water and observe the area when wet. The water will replicate the coating to show you what your door will look like without the splotches. (When the door dries, the splotches will re-appear until coated with Everbrite)

EVERBRITE is a clear restoration coating that restores faded metal of any color. Everbrite is not a paint so there is NO masking or taping necessary. Everbrite is self-annealing and will blend to itself so it can be maintained indefinitely. See Complete Directions

Everbrite is formulated to remain flexible and will not crack or peel like lacquers or automotive coatings. When a door is rolled up, the circle in the middle is usually as small as 5 inches so any coating used on roll-up doors must remain flexible. Aluminum panels on a metal building will expand and contract with temperature changes. Any coating that does not remain flexible will crack and peel if used on roll-up doors or aluminum panels. Coatings made for short pieces of steel like automotive coatings are not flexible and should not be used for metal buildings or doors.

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Just need to clean your doors? Here is the Best Way

Need to Clean Interior Hallway Doors or Panels?

What Do I need to Restore Splotchy Storage Doors?

2 Door Kit

Everbrite Starter Kit with Brush Starter Kit - Clean & Restore 2 Large Doors

15-20 Door Kit

Gallon Kit - Clean & Restore 15-20 Doors

75-100 Door Kit

5 Gallon Kit - Clean & Restore 75-100 Doors

What Do I need to Restore Splotchy Doors?

Everbrite Coating Everbrite will restore the color and luster of faded areas of your doors so they match once more. Everbrite is clear so it works on ANY color.

Everbrite Starter Kit will restore color and luster of about 125 sf of metal

Choose Everbrite Starter Kit with Brush to try Everbrite on several doors.

Everbrite Larger Kit with Cleaners

Choose Everbrite Kits that will restore larger areas.

"We have used this product and can recommend it without hesitation or reservation." Robert D. Howard Whiteville Mini Storage

"Everbrite makes a door look brand new. Great stuff." John Brick, U-Haul Corp

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