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Frequently Asked Questions


Everbrite Protective Coating is a unique, crystal-clear coating used to refinish and restore your faded doors and metal buildings. In addition to restoring a “like-new" appearance, Everbrite will protect your valuable property from sun fading, salt air oxidation, moisture damage, tarnish, acid rain and other damaging elements. Everbrite has U.V. absorbers and Anti-Oxidants to protect painted metal from fading, chalking and corrosion. It is a homogenous, one part coating so there is nothing to mix. It has an indefinite shelf life in a closed container so there is no waste. Everbrite is a thin and flexible coating so it will not chip, crack or peel when the metal flexes or the doors roll up.

Is EVERBRITE the same as automotive coating?

Absolutely not. Automotive Coatings are formulated to be applied to short pieces of steel not aluminum doors that roll up on themselves. Automotive Coatings are not flexible. When a door is rolled up, the top of the door is compressed into a circle as little as 5 inches. Everbrite will remain flexible and will flex and bend with the door. Automobile coatings are 2 part coatings and are not self-annealing so re-application in 5 to 10 years is very difficult. Everbrite will blend to itself so it can be maintained indefinitely.

At what temperature can Everbrite be applied?

Everbrite Protective Coating can be applied in temperatures from approximately 40º F up to 100º F. Since the metal needs to be cleaned and dry, the temperature should not be below freezing.More important than the air temperature is the temperature of the metal.On very cool days, you may want to work on the sun side to avoid runs or sags. On warm days, working in the shade is better so the coating can self-level before drying. It is not advisable to apply the coating on metal that is too hot to keep your hand on for more than a few seconds.

Condensation easily and rapidly forms on any surface. This is especially true of metal. Whenever air is cooled to its dew point, condensation occurs. Since the “dew point” always varies, it’s impossible to have a set temperature as a guide.

We have all experienced dew forming on a cold bottle while the outside air is quite warm.

Therefore, the difference between outside air, the relative humidity and the temperature of the substrate to be coated must all be factors in determining whether to coat or not.

One useful method but not absolutely foolproof is to hold your hand against the substrate for a few seconds, then remove it. If moisture is visible where you have removed your hand it is definitely too cold. Either wait until it gets warmer or use a heater or blow dryer to prepare the substrate.

If the coating is sprayed over dew or water, it will float on the moisture and will not adhere to the metal.

If applying to vertical services, watch for runs or sags if applying between 40º and 50ºF. If you get sags, simply wipe them out with an applicator or clean, white, lint free rag damp with xylene. At 70 degrees Fahrenheit, EVERBRITE dries to the touch in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Why not just repaint metal buildings and rollup doors?

Exterior metal that has been repainted begins to age almost immediately and will rarely rival the original baked-on finish in sheen or quality. Just repainting metal cannot protect against salt air corrosion or acid rain damage and may crack, peel, blister, chip and ruin the look of your property. Unless it is absolutely necessary to paint, it is much better to refinish the baked-on finish. Unlike paint, Everbrite dries very quickly allowing your tenants access to their units in just minutes and will not interrupt day-to-day operations of your business.

Does applying Everbrite require special tools or expertise?

NO. Everbrite can be applied by everyday people with common tools. We have complete illustrated directions at: Complete Illustrated Directions

We also have "How-To" Videos to show you exactly how to restore your metal doors and buildings on our Video Page

The secret to a successful Everbrite application is making sure the surface is completely cleaned—free of oxidation, dirt, grease, silicone, wax and moisture. First, chalky oxidation can be wiped off with plain water and a microfiber towel. Then, a final wash with EZ-Prep Concentrated Cleaner and water followed by a thorough rinse with plain water.

Application of the Everbrite Coating can be done with most any commercially available compressed air or airless sprayer equipped with a fine finish tip. For smaller areas Everbrite can be applied with a lint-free white cloth, wax applicator or a high-density foam roller. For touch-ups and corners, aerosol cans are available.

Can I use a pressure washer to clean my doors?

This is not a good idea. Most seals on storage doors will not keep water out if a stream is sprayed into the "C" channel. Customers normally have their stuff in cardboard boxes stacked within inches of the door, and having customers approach you as to why their stuff has water damage is not a good feeling! Care must be taken not to spray water in the edges or in the opening above the door, and with our method, tens of thousands of units have been washed with no water damage.

Can’t I just clean the doors?

Sure, you can just clean the doors but cleaning will not restore the color and luster if the topcoat is gone. We have a page with the best way to clean your doors.

New doors and buildings can be maintained by simply cleaning with EZ-Prep Concentrated Cleaner and water. Once the doors are faded, just cleaning the metal will not bring back the shine and color. If you clean doors or metal buildings and don't seal or protect the surface, it will soon fade or chalk again. Once the doors are sealed with Everbrite, not only will they look new again but will be much easier to keep clean and will be protected from corrosion and oxidation.

Do I have to mask-off door hardware and locks?

No, Everbrite will not damage or compromise metal hardware or locks. In fact, Everbrite will protect the locks and hardware from rust and corrosion as well.

What about cleanup?

Clean-up is with soap and water for hands and xylene or lacquer thinner for equipment. Small spills can be wiped up or absorbed with absorbent materials.

I have lighter blotches on my doors? What causes this? How can it be fixed?

The original paint on your metal buildings and doors is baked on in the factory. Many times when your doors are put up, touchup paint that matches the color of your doors is used by the contractor to cover any scratches. At the time it is touched up, it matches very well but non-baked on paint will oxidize faster and blotches can appear where the touch up paint fades faster than the original baked on paint. Refinishing with Everbrite will bring back the faded color and your doors will match once more.

Can I hire someone to apply Everbrite to my doors?

Yes. There are a number of contractors around the country with Everbrite application experience. We will be happy to get you a contracting bid for your property.

Are there problem situations that Everbrite cannot help?

Everbrite cannot help if the surface is already too damaged to be restored. For example, once salt air oxidation is so bad that the metal is extremely pitted or rusted, or if there is no paint justify on the surface. Peeling paint must be repaired prior to being coated with Everbrite Protective Coating. It is best to protect property prior to extreme damage.

Is EVERBRITE just for doors?

No. Any surface that is subject to oxidation, corrosion, fading or discoloration is a candidate for Everbrite. This includes metal buildings, roofs, gutters, metal trim, gate boxes, gates, bollards, signs and much more.

Is EVERBRITE toxic to breathe or touch? Is it flammable?

While we recommend that a NIOSH/MSHS respirator be used during spray applications and that skin contact be avoided, Everbrite is considered non-toxic and safe when used as directed. Once dry, Everbrite is food safe, potable water safe and medical safe. And unlike some other coatings, Everbrite is NOT flammable and is safe to store at your facility.

How do I know what I need to refinish my doors or metal buildings?

If you count your doors, we will be happy to help figure out exactly what you need. One gallon of Everbrite will restore about 17 to 20 large (8'x8') doors. We have a chart to help figure out what you need at: If you want to try Everbrite first, we have a Starter Kit which will refinish about 3 to 4 large doors. The Starter kit also includes nitrile gloves, an applicator, a microfiber towel and complete, illustrated directions.

What about the doors inside the hallways? They get dusty and grimy and are hard to keep clean?

Everbrite has a new One-Step Waterless Clean and Protect in an aerosol can which is perfect for keeping dusty and grimy interior doors clean and protected. One problem with cleaning inside doors with water is that if the water spills onto the floor, it can go inside the units where your customers have cardboard boxes just inches from the doors. Interior doors do not normally have the protection from water that exterior doors have. Just spray on the door and wipe with a cloth to clean and wax all in one step.

What Do I need to Restore my Doors?

2 Door Kit

Everbrite Starter Kit with Brush Starter Kit - Clean & Restore 2 Large Doors

15-20 Door Kit

Gallon Kit - Clean & Restore 15-20 Doors

75-100 Door Kit

5 Gallon Kit - Clean & Restore 75-100 Doors

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