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Stop Polishing. Prevent Tarnish and Enjoy the Beauty of Your Copper, Brass & Silver.

  • Have you just spent hours and hours polishing your beautiful copper or brass and can't stand the thought of it tarnishing again in just days or weeks?
  • Are you tired of polishing just to have your copper and brass quickly tarnish again?
  • Do you want to prevent patina and oxidation on your copper gutters, brass bed, weather vane or sculptures?

EVERBRITE Protective Coating and ProtectaClear will prevent tarnish and corrosion on brass, copper, silver, bronze. etc! Very Natural look, not thick or "plasticky" looking.

  • Use EVERBRITE for architectural metal or exterior metals that need extra protection from the sun.
  • Use ProtectaClear for interior metal, metal that is exposed to salt air, salt water or chlorines or metal that needs a more scratch resistant coating like sinks, railings, counters, etc.

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Stop polishing and Enjoy the Beauty.

Copper and Brass Can before restoration. Copper and Brass Can protected with Everbrite

Everbrite Trial Kit

Everbrite Trial Kit for exterior metal . Clean & Restore about 25-30 square feet.

Larger Everbrite Kits & Kits with Polish

ProtectaClear Trial Kit

ProtectaClear Kit with Polish for Metal that gets lots of handling. Clean & Restore about 25-30 SF.

Larger ProtectaClear Kits and Kits with Polish

We applied it to our 1910 home when we put on copper gutters....it looks great and we are always getting compliments...Thanks, Thelma

Copper panels protected from tarnish and corrosion with Everbrite.

We are very pleased with the way our copper panels have turned out with the Everbrite finish. Thanks again for all your help. When we decide to tackle our copper canners we'll send you before and after pictures. Angie and Paul Switzer

We have used the product and we are very pleased with the results. My custodian has done anoutstanding job cleaning and recoating ourelevators and brass railsthough out City Hall. Based on the current usage rate we will most likely be able to do most if not all our current needs with the gallon we bought. If not you will be the first to know. I also intend to let my counter parts in the city know about this product so you might get a few more calls. Thank you everything. Facility Manager Tallahassee, FL

I have a copper weather vane on top of my gazebo in the back yard. After only a year it was very tarnished. There was some finish that I had to buff of in most places, then I followed your directions and spent a day cleaning. It was worth the work. TheEverbright coating flowed on with little effort, and covered the copper completely. I did apply a second coating just to be sure. In the morning, as the sun comes up over my house and illuminates the weather vain it has that bright copper shine that I wantedThank you for being concerned about my success with your product. Howard S.

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