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Do you Have Ugly Utility Transformer Boxes
Ruining the Look of your Property?

Do you have ugly utility boxes around your property? Restore the original color and luster of the paint without destroying important marking and numbers with Everbrite Clear Protective Coating. This box is NOT repainted but is restored with Everbrite Protective Coating. Protect from graffiti too!!!


SMUD box before SMUD box after


  • According to the utility companies, you cannot cover up these ugly boxes because utility workers must have access. 

  • Most cities or municipalities require the business owner or homeowner to remove any graffiti or they will come out and charge you to do it.  

What will Restore Ugly Tranformer Boxes?

Everbrite Starter Kit

Everbrite Starter Kit.Clean & Restore about 150 SF.

Everbrite Starter Kit.Clean & Restore about 150 SF.

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